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Nyaaa~n (Black Cat Community)

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Hello and welcome to the Black Cat community! This is a place for fans of the manga series Black Cat, by Yabuki Kentarou to talk about the series, share fanworks, and whatever.


1. Please make sure your topics ARE RELATED TO BLACK CAT. No off-topic posts.

2. LJ-cut large images, to save loading time. Also, please LJ-cut spoilers, and put a spoiler warning, especially if they're major. I'm not going to define what's a spoiler, so just use your common sense, and if you're not up-to-date on the series please be on the lookout.

3. For fanfiction/fanart, there's no restriction on content, but anything slash (yaoi) or with what would be considered an R or greater rating MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED and behind a cut, so people who don't like that sort of thing can avoid it. If you don't like that sort of thing, avoid it.

4. Be nice to each other.

5. Do not direct-link to other people's images or post art/fiction that isn't yours (unless you have permission). There are lots of free image hosters out there if you want to post images.